How to Become a Sumter School District Substitute Food Service General Worker, Custodian and Bus Aide.

(Please note:  Substitute Bus Drivers must contact the Transportation Department at (352) 793-5705.)

Thank you for your interest in qualifying as a substitute Food Service General Worker, Custodian and/or Bus Aide to work in Sumter County schools.  Substitutes are part-time employees at least eighteen (18) years of age who are called to work in several capacities within our schools to replace a food service general worker, custodian or bus aide.  Each provides a valuable service to our students.

Progressive Steps to Substitute Employment

  • Submit to fingerprinting taken by properly trained school district personnel  after pre-registering and paying the processing fee (Current Fee $54.50 Subject to Change)

  •  Be cleared of a records check by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

  • Submit to drug testing (Current Fee $30.00 Subject to Change)
  • Complete processing documents and paperwork within 90 days.
  • Attend district orientation.


Step 1

You must pre-register for your fingerprinting session (fee required). We are moving to a new fingerprint provider - instructions will be forthcoming

Step 2

Schedule an appointment for fingerprinting by calling (353)793-2315 ext. 220.  Fingerprinting is done on WEDNESDAYS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.    Please provide the following items at the time of fingerprinting:

Step 3

Click below and read the Information Section entries and provide requested Documents and Completed Forms as noted below.  Be sure signatures and dates are hand written on forms as required.  Bring ALL Documents and Completed Forms to the Personnel Department of the Sumter County School Board at 2680 West CR 476, Bushnell, Florida 33513 – last building on the right.  At that time paperwork will be submitted as well as an appointment scheduled to participate in new employee orientation.


Drug Free Workplace: Notice; School Board Policy 6.33;
Over-the-Counter Drug Information; Employee Assistance

Notice of Use of Social Security Numbers (PS-111)

Sumter County School Directory



(*signature/date required; **signature and notarization required and may be done at district office)

PS-048 Substitute Application (*)

Authorization/agreement for Automatic Direct Deposit of Payroll (*)
Attach personal check with VOID written across it for direct deposit payment purposes.

PS-016 Loyalty Oath (**)

PS-147 Code of Ethics (Chapter 6B-001) (**)

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification – Section 1 Only (*)

Form W-4  (withholding tax form) (*)

Florida Retirement System (FRS) – New Employee Certification Form (*)

PS-105 Self-Reporting of Disqualifying Offenses by Non-Instructional School District Employees and Contractors (*)

Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security (*)

PS-139 Drug-Free Workplace Employee Certificate of Agreement (*)
References: Notice; School Board Policy 6.33; Over-the-Counter Drug Information; Employee Assistance

PS-021A Physical Examination Section I & II (*)

PS-021B Physical Examination ( Bus Drivers) (*)

PS-098 Temporary Employment Agreement (*)

PS-143 Emergency Contact Information

PS-145 Race Ethnicity

Three (3) Non-Instructional References (PS-099) to be mailed to the Sumter County School Board by the person making the reference.  These are not to be delivered by the prospective employee.  Forms MUST be completed by past employers.

BENCOR National Government Employees Retirement Plan Enrollment Form – LEFT SIDE ONLY (*)
Supplement provided for reading:  “A tax-advantaged strategy of the BENCOR National Plan – The FICA Alternative Plan”

Step 4

Attend new employee orientation based on appointment time/date set in Step 3.  Upon successful completion of Steps 1-3 and approval to substitute by the Sumter County School Board, you may begin active substituting.