(Full time virtual students only)
Project # 7001
Enrollment Window: April 12, 2015 - July 11, 2015
Classes Start August 10, 2015


Grades 6-12


Project #7004



Code: 0500/0600

Who is eligible?

Students in Grades K-8 that meet the following criteria:

  schooled at home, full time

  students reside within Sumter County

  previously enrolled in public school and reported on both FTE for prior school year

  parent/guardian in home for supervision/learning coach

  Students in Grades 6-12

  in good standing with Home Education
Guide to Home Education Laws and Graduation Requirements

  expelled students

  Students in grades 6-12 who wish to accelerate beyond the 7 period day ***

  specific class size situations ***

  4th and 5th grade scoring Level 4 or 5 on FCAT Reading or Math have the option to take grade 6-8 courses during school day ***

Students in grades 6-12 who wish to accelerate beyond the 7- period day.

How do we register?

Restricted dates for enrollment. Refer to following link:


On-line registration through district link: or Choose Sumter Virtual School when prompted for school choice.


Contact person?

Jennifer Haines 352-568-1113 ext 83211

Jennifer Haines 352-568-1113 ext 83211


Course Options?

All course options provided through K12, Inc.

CORE course options: Math, Science, Reading, English, and Social Studies for grades 6-12. Additional elective courses are available with many to be made available at a later date.

Multiple see for further information

Who are the instructors?

Instructors are provided through K12, Inc.

Instructors are highly-qualified in their subject area and have received training in the delivery of virtual instruction. All possess three + years of effective teaching experience.

Determined by administrative staff of FLVS.

Calendar year for each program?

Students will follow the district adopted calendar.

Students will follow the district adopted calendar. Flexible start times may be available based on individual circumstances.

See for further information.

What are the benefits of each program?

  Parents work alongside their child to assist with completing assignments.

  Specific to grades K-8 with protected enrollment dates (July and November).

  No cost to qualifying students

  Students are coached and guided by highly qualified staff.

  Students and parents meet face-to-face periodically with teachers.

  No waiting list for core classes.

  Elective courses available at a later date

  No cost to participants or families.

See for further information.

***Requires administrative approval